Data security and system performance

We focus on the failure free and reliable performance of our systems and the security of your data. This is why we invest continuously in the security of our systems, to ensure the highest level in security and availability concerns.

For security reasons in the following we describe our security measures for your data and our performance optimization only on an abstract level. We explain the details in a personal talk. In security and performance we differ logic and physic parameters. Both of them complement each other.

Physic Parameters:

Our servers are hosted in a high performance data processing center in high security rooms under a german state bank.

The data processing center meets the highest security and technical standards:

Our IT- systems are in physically secured server cabinets and only employees of verbaco systems AG have access to them. The servers are concepted redundant.

Logic Parameters:

The servers have different tasks in the network and are optimized accordingly: firewall, webserver, application server and database server

Daily total backups transfer the data encrypted to a physically separated server location. What does this mean for you?