ASP Service

verbaco is offered as an ASP (Application-Service-Provider) service. We run the application and servers in a powerful data processing service center. This is why you work with modern, fully developed IT-systems locally unbound and at calculable costs. Investments for the purchase, operation and maintenance of own systems are no longer necessary.

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With our ASP product you work:
Locally Unbound Central
verbaco is available anywhere. You can access the application from your company location or from at home with the internet. Each and every coder accesses online the same data pool. The complicated and time consuming comparison of double collected or diverse coded data is no longer a matter.
Calculable Safe
You only pay for actually utilized services which means coded verbatims. No maintenance expenses are incurred for technical infrastructure and ongoing fixed costs. Our servers are kept up to date and on a state of the art level. A powerful firewall and authentification procedures ensure that every customer has only access to his own data. We back up your studies regularly and they can be restored any time on your demand.