The Technology of verbaco systems AG

The verbaco engine is a J2EE compatible server software, completely written in Java using the high performance AJAX technology. Because of that verbaco can operate on any operating system.


The data storage is done in professional sql databases, which guarantee the highest possible level of performance and data safety. Because of the abstract access with JDBC-drivers and the usage of an abstraction layer, almost all recent database servers can be used.

The sql servers of the following companies are supported:

Application Server

A J2EE application server offers an efficient and standardized infrastructure - especially:

verbaco uses these standards and implements a variety of robust and fully developed functionalities.

verbaco Engine

verbaco is based on open technology standards and can be integrated as "black box" in existing IT-systems or it also can be used as a application development system. The object-oriented implementation secures expandability and reliability.

Objekt Models (Java Beans)

All objects like studies, codeframes, verbatims, coding, user etc., have besides of their representation in the database also corresponding object models (so called Java Beans). The functionality – like showing the questionnaire or reporting – only accesses the object model. This is why the internal view is independent from its storage in the database. This is an obvious programming gateway. It allows you to avoid mistakes and expand the functionalities quickly.

Object Cache

Web based systems operate under changing, not determined workloads. This can result in negative and unpredictable consequences in "next in line" systems e.g. databases. In verbaco objects are stored through intelligent caching in the memory. A large number of requests can be processed without accessing the database. The caching automatically adjusts itself according to the memory size and refreshes itself periodically.

System Requirements

verbaco does not require a specific platform. You only need one of the following browsers:

System Structure