Your partner- verbaco systems AG

With our highly qualified IT and processing specialists we are your first adress for verbatim coding concerns. Like no other company in this sector we optimize quality, time and cost matters during the coding process.

With flexible scalable systems and powerful tools we enhance your coding, no matter if you code 100 or 10.000.000 verbatims monthly.

The verbaco systems AG is an affiliated company of Dr. Heinlein Data Solutions GmbH, Erlangen and pilodata GmbH, Munich.

Dr. Heinlein Data Solutions GmbH

The service provider Dr. Heinlein Data Solutions has been working in the field of quantitative market research since 1995 and mostly realises tracking and adhoc research. The early specialization in complex and mostly international studies, using a wide range of software packages, qualifies Dr. Heinlein Data Solutions also for IT- based process optimization of market research studies. Besides data processing and data analysis the focus lies upon the implementation of tools for the process improvement during production.

The customers are middle-classed market research institutions, market research affiliated groups and management consultants. Dr. Heinlein Data Solutions is responsible for the conceptual development of the verbaco systems and takes care of the customer support during the integration of the systems.

pilodata GmbH

The system vendor pilodata grew since 1994 with constant success as a software producer, which offers standard solutions and individual applications. Because of its focus on applications for human ressources diagnostics and market research pilodata is now a specialist in everything concerning online studies.

On the base of a self-developed application framework solutions are given to matters of CRM, marketing, distribution, communication, service and human ressources. The customers are middle-classed as well as global operating companies.

pilodata is responsible for the development, maintenance and the operating process of the verbaco systems and assures technical customer support.

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