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verbaco the professional solution for the coding verbatims

In the quantitative market research the coding of open ended questions is usually a complex, time-consuming and expensive process. The compiling of codeframes and the coding itself is often understood rather as an "unpleaseant necessity" than as an interesting discipline by many service providers. verbaco systems provides with verbaco a web based software, which enables all involved persons in a study to work on open ended questions simultaneously.

For a targeted market research closed questions are often not efficient enough. Goal oriented research needs more surveys with open ended questions. The major problem of a qualified analysis is often a decentralised and complex data processing as well as the coding of the open ended questions.
The solution of these problems is brought to you by verbaco systems AG with the new software verbaco. This web application runs centralised with codeframes. The coding is done on runtime. The software is also very user friendly and customer oriented.

verbaco is a lot faster than any other tool and the error ratio falls towards zero.

verbaco is offered as an ASP (Application-Service-Provider) service, the accounting is done per coded verbatim. The customer has no further investments in purchase, operation and maintenance of own IT-systems.

About the Company:

The verbaco systems AG is an affiliated company of Dr. Heinlein Data Solutions GmbH, Erlangen and pilodata GmbH, Munich. Like no other company in this sector we optimize quality, time and cost matters during the coding process.

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